PHP - Discover the vulnerability

easy 7 tasks 60 minutes
Find the flaw in source code
In this lab, we are going to do a white box vulnerability assessment and discover the vulnerabilities by reviewing the PHP source codes.

Task 1

10 Points

Review the PHP code on the right side. What kind of vulnerability you can find in this script ?

Choose One Answer:

Task 2

10 Points

find the line that may cause the server to execute a malicious action if discovered by bad guys?

Answer format: line number

Full Match Answer:

Task 3

10 Points

this piece of code suffers from ?

Choose One Answer:

Task 4

10 Points

what is the vulnerable parameter ?

Full Match Answer:

Task 5

5 Points

what about this PHP code ?

Choose One Answer:

Task 6

10 Points

what can you find on this page ?

Choose One Answer:

Task 7 discover insecure functions

20 Points

This file contains some dangerous insecure functions(). Try to find & remove or rename all of them

DO NOT Remove safe functions.

Once you finish, click on image preview button.

This file is a part of other codes. You don't need to  it as it may not work correctly. 


Strong hint: there are 4 insecure functions()


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