How to use Cyber Task

easy 8 tasks 20 minutes
Simple tutorial on how to use cyber task platform
This is fast exercise to teach you how to use the platform. So Please explore and try to solve all those easy tasks to make sure that you know how to submit answers in your CTF lab.


2 Points

Initiating Lab Network


This is a simple tutorial on how to use Cyber Task platform.


Each lab can include a network of virtual machines, as shown in the Network Topology panel on the right side of your screen.

1- Click on the "Run" button at the top right corner of the screen.

2- Some machines may take few minutes to start [2-5 mins].

3- Answers are case insensitive, e.g if answer is Friday then friday , FRIDAY , FriDay ...etc will be accepted.

4- Answers can be submitted in any order, e.g if the answer is 80 , 443 , 8080 then 443808080 will be accepted.

5- Firefox users: to enable copy/paste into machine, type about:config in URL field, search for asyncClipboard, then set all listed items to true


Run the network. It may takes up to 5 minutes to start.

Once ready click on below Complete button to earn Task Points

Click Complete once you finish the task.

Access Windows Machine

2 Points

victim machine


We would like to make sure that you successfuly started all lab machines.

Click on Victim machine on right side, then choose any of the following:

1- Browse Desktop to access via browser Or

2- Download RDP file to access the machine via native RDP program.

Username: cybertask
Password: @letCyberTaskIn1


Now, go to C:\TheFlag\readme.txt and copy its content into below Answer field

Full Match Answer:

Access kali linux

2 Points

kali linux


We would like to make sure that you successfuly started the kali linux machine.

Click on kali linux on right side, then choose any of the following:

1- Browse Desktop to access via browser Or

2- Browse SSH to access machine via ssh commands Or

3- Double click on kali icon to get machines details including Username/Password and ssh commands to access the machine using your own native console.

Username: root
Password: kali


Access kali machine and run the following command cat /etc/os-release

What is the VERSION_ID of this os-release ?

Answer Format: e.g  => 2018.3 [without quotation]

Full Match Answer:

Answer format

2 Points

In some tasks, we might ask you to submit answer in specific timestamp format,


"The attack was on 26-10-2021 06:30 PM"

What was the date of attack ?

Answer Format: dd-mm-yyyy

So your answer should follow the answer format:  26-10-2021 

Full Match Answer:

Task with many answers

2 Points

Always make sure to submit a complete answer.

Incomplete answer will be considered as wrong answer.

E.g List all names of files you see in Cybertask folder in picture below:

If you answer: imagetools => incomplete & wrong

Your Answer should be readmetoolsimage  in any order


List of Answers:

Scores and leaderboard

2 Points

Lab instructor might give you many chances to submit the correct answer.

Buuuuuut! Scoringboard / leaderboard depends on Three main factors:

1- More scores come first, but in case of equality ?

2- Then, less wrong attempts come first, & again in case of equality ?

3- Who solve in less time will come first.

So, try to solve all questions with minimum wrong attempts as you can and less time


Which of the following are Drill scoringbaord factors toward 1st Trophy ? (select all three)

Tick all correct answers:

File attachment

2 Points


Some questions, may contain attachment 

we will tell you about that, and you will see downalod icon in the header of any question contains attachments.


Download the attached file and copy all its content in answer field

Full Match Answer:
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